Sunday, January 6, 2013

Embarrassment of Riches TBR Reading Challenge 2013

Hosted by Planet Pooks

First off, how freakin' awesome is the name of this challenge? There are lots of different TBR pile challenges out there, but I just couldn't resist choosing this one over all others based solely on its name (and the fact that it couldn't fit my situation more perfectly!) You are probably thinking I'm in over my head with all the different challenges I've joined recently, but my goal is to complete all the others by mainly reading books I already own (and trust me, I have plenty to choose from!) My husband and I are also buying a house, so I should most definitely be curbing my book-buying. I'm not stupid enough to say that I won't read a single book this year that I don't currently own, but I'm really going to hold myself to working my way through the treasures already in my possession. I'm aiming for the Gold level which is 36 TBR books, which shouldn't be a problem (assuming I find enough time to read this year!)

If you want to join in, the deadline to enter is Jan. 8th, so head over to Planet Pooks to sign up!

UPDATE: I will be keeping track of my progress with this challenge here.

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