Monday, January 14, 2013

Review Archive

I was starting to think I was the only book blog out there that didn't have a comprehensive list of my reviews posted somewhere, so I decided to remedy that this weekend. I drew inspiration from some of my favorite food blogs that have visual archives and used the book covers as my links. I think the books I've reviewed are fairly recognizable, but if you have trouble reading a particular title, just hover your mouse over the image and the name will pop up. I also divided it up by genre, so it should be very easy to find reviews you might be interested in reading. You can check it out here or by clicking on the "Reviews" tab above. I hope you'll check it out and I promise to try my very hardest to keep it up to date!


  1. I love your review archive! I haven't seen one done with book covers before.

    1. Thanks Kay -- I'm learning how to do all kinds of behind-the-scenes stuff like this and the progress bars, etc. -- a bit time consuming, but I'm happy with the results!


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