Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Banned Book Picks for 2013

It has been brought to my attention that the only challenge for 2013 that I did not write a list of tentative choices for is the one I'm hosting! There are so many banned books I want to read, but for this year I'm only going to commit to the lowest level 'Making Waves' and read 5. I wanted to go for 10, but I'm not quite sure I'll be able to make it! I have several others to choose from, but these are the ones I'm planning on at the moment:

The Great Gatsby   Women in Love   The Canterbury Tales   
Their Eyes Were Watching God   The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

If you've joined my Banned Books Challenge, remember if you've read or heard about a book that's been banned or challenged and it's not on one of the ALA's lists, it can definitely still count! Their lists haven't been updated for 2012 and there are certainly other cases of censorship that won't have been widespread enough to make the main lists. While not my first choice, Fifty Shades of Grey is one that comes to mind that was banned in some places recently. Caught up in the hulabaloo, I purchased them, but after hearing how poorly written they are, I didn't bother actually reading them. So I guess that's a few more I have to choose from (if I can bring myself to give them a try!)

If you're still looking for ideas, here are some additional lists you can check out: The Banned Books Group bookshelf on Goodreads and the Books Banned By Governments list on Wikipedia. After all, this challenge is about broadening our horizons, so the ALA lists are really just meant as a starting point.

Stay tuned for a post about books I was most surprised to learn have been challenged later this week!


  1. Just say "no" to Fifty Shades! Ew. I'm reading "Their Eyes Were Watching God" with my students in a few weeks and I can't wait to see what they think of it.

    1. I honestly don't think I will -- but if I did it would be morbid curiosity at this point!

  2. I have read the first book of 50 shades, and admittingly it wasn't as bad as I expected. Some scenes you have to read somewhat quicker maybe ;) and sure the writing/grammar isnt' flawless (editior where did this go wrong?), but the idea what is behind the story and the deeper thought is really good

  3. Love your picks. I'm working on mine. I think Lolita is on at least one list somewhere and since I'm reading that for the A Modern March I might as well write up my Banned Book commitment.

    One of my writer friends had her first book make a banned list, so I think I'll add hers, too.

    I may have to make a challenge page just so I can keep things straight.

    1. That's so interesting that you know someone who wrote a banned book -- I'm looking forward to checking out your banned books list!


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