Monday, July 2, 2018

Please Help a Reader Out! -- Summer Reading Recommendations Request

The kid in me who loved summer reading growing up is thrilled that my local library has a program for adults as well! Last year, I signed up, but I must admit I only participated half-heartedly. I have little memory of what the categories were, but I do remember that they didn't fit in all that well with my summer reading plans, so I only managed to cross a few off. A lackluster last summer did not stop my enthusiasm for this year's program though and I signed up as soon as summer reading started. I refuse to read a book I have no interest in for the sake of checking a box, but I figure if I put in some effort now to figure out titles I DO want to read that fit the categories I'll be able to participate more fully.

So, I've been combing my shelves (and the library) for titles that fit categories that stumped me when I first glanced over this summer's BINGO card. The most difficult one for me so far -- and the one I most need YOUR help with! -- is A Book Set in the Mountains. I have discovered it is not as easy as one might think to find a book based on setting. This particular setting seems pretty specific, but since it could be any mountains, it's actually rather broad which has made searching challenging. I have a whole bunch of books with flap copy mentioning wilderness, the woods, rural areas, etc., that might qualify, but its been awfully hard to determine if they are actually set in the mountains without diving in. So, please help a reader out and leave a comment if you've read or know of any Adult or Young Adult Fiction titles set in the mountains. I actually came up with some middle grade titles I know would work, but I'm trying not to let myself off too easy! So far the only book on my shelves I think would work is Those Who Wish Me Dead, by Michael Koryta.

Three other categories I know I won't have trouble completing are A Book Published in 2018A Book of Historical Fiction, and A Book That Became a Movie. BUT I'd love to hear if you have any favorites to recommend for those categories as well. (Bonus points if you enjoyed both the book and the movie, because we are supposed to both read and watch for the movie category!)

* * * * *

Does your library have a summer reading program for adults? And THANK YOU for any recs you are able to share :) :)