Saturday, August 20, 2016

Reading Decathlon

A big thank you to Kay for inspiring me to join the Reading Decathlon hosted by Epic Reads. I recently learned about the 7 in 7 Readathon, but completely missed this year's edition. This decathalon is basically a 10 in 10 readathon, just without any set dates, so you can give it a go whenever you like! I just love the idea of reading a book a day as a challenge and having the freedom to choose a 10 day period that works best for me makes it even better. Yes, I have a toddler (Really! I do! When did that happen, by the way?!?!?) Yes, I'm super busy with work and life and all that jazz. BUT there are different levels including #ReadingForBronze which allows for any combination of short stories, novellas, graphic novels, novels, etc., etc. 

Full details here

Really, this is about giving my reading life a little boost. I've been very happy with my reading this summer, but I still get distracted and fritter away time on the internet or my phone that could be better spent. I have a HUGE stack of library books that fit this challenge perfectly plus plenty from my own shelves. I won't even post a list because I doubt I'd stick to it, but I'll make sure to check back in once I'm done. Right now I'm thinking a mix of graphic novels and children's/middle grade novels, but who knows, 10 days is a long time! 

My main goal here is to make better use of the free time I do have and try to turn that into a habit. And while reading is NOT about numbers, stats, or obligations for me, I know it will feel good to check so many books off my TBR in a such a short time frame. Anyone want to join me?

P.S. I will post something other than a reading challenge one of these days, I promise! I just can say when...