Saturday, November 10, 2012

Reading Banned Books & Reading the Classics

Two things happened last month that have really made me want to shake up my reading routine. First, there was Banned Books Week. Writing about the topic of censorship and taking a closer look at the lists of frequently challenged books, I realized there were far too many I want to read, but haven't yet. I promised myself at the end of that blog post I would read at least 10 more of these titles before next year's Banned Books Week rolls around.

Then, I wrote a list of Books I Can't Believe I've Never Read and realized that many of the books I feel I've been missing out on are classics. Combine that with the fact that dozens of frequently challenged books are classics and it's really made me want to branch out from my usual reading selections. I'll still be reading some of my more usual fiction titles, both adult and YA, but I really want to start mixing things up. So, stay tuned for some reviews that fall into these two categories and some that just might fall into both!

And if anyone else wants to join in and is interested in reading banned books or classics, I'd love to read your reviews -- just leave me a link :)


  1. I too found Banned Books Month eye opening. I couldn't believe To Kill a Mocking Bird was on the list. I read that for English in High School and I believe it was very insightful perspective. Good luck tackling your list =)

    1. Thanks Emilyann :) It really is hard to believe some of the books people have taken issue with -- I think this project will prove quite interesting & enlightening!


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