Sunday, October 22, 2017

Podcast Love: Read-Aloud Revival

Hi everyone! If you have kids in your life, I am recommending a favorite podcast today I hope you will check out, the Read-Aloud Revival. The show is all about "building a family culture around books" and "making meaningful and lasting connections with kids through books." The show focuses on stories, reading, and literacy with a special focus on the value of reading aloud with older kids who have already learned to read to themselves. The host Sarah Mackenzie talks a lot about how it's second nature to a lot of parents to read to little kids, but that practice tends to fall off once those little kids can read on their own. My toddler clearly still falls into the "little kid" category, but I still find this podcast very inspiring and it is downright dangerous for my own TBR with all the awesome middle grade titles that get recommended.

For the current season (#11), it has become a more frequent weekly show rather than biweekly as it was in the past. And let me tell you, those "extra" mini-episodes that have been airing in between longer interview episodes are some of my absolute favorites and I've listened to all of them more than once. I also think they give a really good idea of what the show is all about without a huge time commitment which is what inspired this post! If you like any of these, I think you'll find the Read-Aloud Revival a worthwhile addition to your podcast listening.

RAR #66: Do Audio Books Count as Read-Alouds?
RAR #70: How to Find Time to Read as a Busy Mom
RAR # 74: One thing you won’t regret ← my #1, if I had to choose!

And here are 7 of my favorite full-length episodes if you'd like to check out the archives and don't know where to start!

RAR Bonus Episode: The Most Important Part of Teaching Kids to Read

One thing worth noting, especially if you do a deep dive into the podcast archives, is that Sarah and many of her guests are homeschoolers. There is a ton of great information and inspiration even if you don't homeschool, I just think it's good to be aware that some of the advice and discussion comes from that perspective. Also, I really hate to admit this, but I personally am not a huge fan of the short final segment of each episode where kids call in to recommend a favorite book -- I feel like a horrible parent for admitting this, but I usually skip those!


  1. I didn't really get into podcasts until this year, but now I have a handful of favorites that I listen to every week -- and so many more with 1-2 episodes queued up (so I can decide whether or not to subscribe or because it's just a specific episode that's been recommended). I just added this one to the list of podcasts to try, so thank you so much for the recommendation! I listened to the "One thing you won't regret" episode last night and LOVED it. :)

    1. Oh Hannah, I really think you’ll love this one! It can be hard to find the shows you really click with at first when you are new to podcasts. I know I can be pretty picky myself. I’m glad you loved that first episode you listened to and I hope the rest of the list helps too :)

  2. I second this post! This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts. And yes, that bonus episode about the best books by living authors made my TBR explode. I think I put almost every book in that episode on my list (and even better, I've actually read a lot of them by this point and I agree that they're all amazing!).

    I'm with you on that last segment. I'm always like, "Yay, ten more minutes of this amazing podcast. Oh wait. The last seven minutes are the kids." I'm sure it'd be different if my own kid calls in some day, but for now, it's not that exciting. Except when a two-year-old calls in. Those are just adorable, even if you can't understand a word they're saying. :)

    1. :) :) :)

      I love the feeling when I've actually read a recommended book, loved it, and remember where I heard about it from! I'm slowly trying to work on that with recs from this podcast :)


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