Friday, October 19, 2018

Updates + Some News!

There are a whole lot of reasons I haven't been posting much these days, but one of my favorite distractions of late has been a bit of exciting news...

We are expecting a little girl at the end of January! I am so looking forward to reading all the baby books with her that my son has been outgrowing. And I will also admit, I won't mind one bit being the main decision-maker on storytime choices again -- at least for a little while!

My son has started 3-year old nursery school (and LOVES it), so those extra blocks of child-free time have been much appreciated. It is really incredible though how quickly school mornings fly by. Both my To-Do and Would-Like-To-Do lists always seem so much more doable at drop-off time than when pick-up time creeps closer and closer!

It has been harder to find the time to blog regularly, but I really do miss it. I've said this before, but I have tons of ideas swirling around for blog posts -- it's just the practicalities of getting them out of my brain and onto the screen! In case you missed it, I did start a bookish Instagram account (find me @bucklingbookshelves) and I've been a bit more consistent posting over there. I also update my Goodreads account very regularly if you're wondering what I've been reading lately -- if we haven't connected on Goodreads yet, let's be friends!

The thing is, I'm finding I usually prefer to spend my limited spare time actually READING than writing about reading -- which is somewhat unfortunate because I'd really like to do both! But I also need to remind myself that 1. I don't need to be spending hours on long blog posts and 2. meticulous editing is unnecessary (I blame the perfectionist in me!) in order to be more active here again. Come January, we will be onto a brand new phase and life will (happily) be turned a bit upside down again. Hopefully between now and then I'll figure out a rhythm that works better for me -- and then I'll get to figure it out all over again in the new year :)

* * * * *

P.S. You may -- or may not! -- have noticed the blog has a new look. I previously had a background I really loved, but it was a freebie and one day I logged in to see it had simply vanished. I don't know exactly how all that works, but I certainly didn't want a completely blank background, so I quickly threw up a photo of my own bookshelves. I wasn't sure that was going to be permanent solution, but I've decided I rather like it!


  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations to you and your growing family! A new baby brings all sorts of joy -- and getting to read all those wonderful picture books again is certainly one of them. BTW, the new background picture is fantastic!

    1. Thank you Lisa! We are pretty excited :)

  2. Congrats! You're in the home stretch!

    (I just started following you on insta :) )

    1. Thank you! Right about now January feels both very far away and very close all at the same time!

  3. Congratulations! It's definitely hard to find the time to read and write in equal amounts!

  4. Ahhh! I'm so excited for you!! I've been totally out of the blogging loop since my daughter was born in June, but what wonderful news to come back to! (Also, I've been surprised how little I've missed the pressure of blogging these last few months, and how I don't feel guilty at all. I hope the lack of guilt is the same for you. :) )

    I love your new background, and I'm jealously eyeing some of those books. Have you read the Incorrigible Children series yet? If not, they would be the perfect light reading in this late pregnancy/early newborn exhaustion stage. :)

    Enjoy every moment of this. I'm discovering all over again how quickly these days pass. :)


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