Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Links I'm Loving Lately [1]

A lot of bloggers share link round-ups, but I was particularly inspired to get in on the link love by Reading With Jade's recent Blog Posts I've Enjoyed Lately series :)

I've been sitting on this post for a little while, so this first list is longer than it probably should be -- but I just had too many great posts flagged to whittle it down any further! I'm splitting it up by category so it's easier to skip around depending on what may or may not interest you. This list is (obviously) curated based on my own favorite sites, interests, and topics, but I hope there is a little something for everyone :) 

Bookish News
+National Book Foundation Announces The National Book Award For Translated Literature

Challenges & Projects
+The Unread Shelf Project 2018 {The Ardent Biblio}
+Some Reading Resolutions for 2018 {The Ardent Biblio}
+The Picky Pledge 2018 {So Obssessed With}

Reviews that *made* me buy the book
+a beautifully imagined fairy tale {Orange Marmalade}
+Pathways to Music {Children's Books Daily} There are a lot of books in this post, but A Certain Music, by Celeste Walters is the one I hopped over to Amazon for :)
+Audiobook Review: The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland {Bookshelf Fantasies} [Though I bought a print copy!]
+Recommendation: Rachel Macy Stafford at Hands Free Mama {Motherhood and Manuscripts} [This isn't exactly a book review, but I bought all 3 of this author's books after Kristin's many mentions of her work :)]

+Reading Multiple Books at Once {Smiling Shelves}
+How Reading with Your Children Can Help Them Develop a ‘Yes Brain’ {Brightly} [I loved these authors' Whole Brain Child book, so this new one intrigues me!]
+How to Make Using the Library Less Stressful: Part 1 + Part 2 {Everyday Reading}

+25 classics that are not remotely boring {Modern Mrs. Darcy}
+Classic Children’s Books by the Decade: 1990s {What Do We Do All Day?} Links to earlier decades' lists are also in this post! [P.S. There are a TON of great resources on this site and Erica's weekly email (where I found this older post) with her curated selection of links is the PERFECT way to dip into the archives. This is the ONLY book blog I am on an email list for and I can't recommend it enough!]

The Mom Life
+My Mantra for 2018: Let It Be {Motherhood and Manuscripts}
+the permission of silence {Finding Joy}
+to the mom always a step behind {Finding Joy}
+what I was meant to write {Finding Joy}

+40 Fantastic Consumable Gifts {Everyday Reading}

* * * * *

I hope you find some inspiration from some of these wonderful blogs! Which reminds me, I'm overdue to update my blogroll -- an updated list will be available soon under the tab "Blogs I Read" :)


  1. Great post! It's lovely to see the wide variety of inspirations you've found.

  2. Thanks for putting this together.

  3. Ooh, I can tell I'm going to be looking forward to these posts. I like link round-ups in general and the categories you're looking at in particular :)

    1. I'm so glad! I should be due for another one soon already :)

  4. This is great. I saved it for future reference.


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