Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Bookish Reading Plans: How'd I Do?

Before I finalize my bookish plans post for 2018, I thought I should take a look at how I did on my plans for 2017:

1. Continue writing short reviews on Goodreads, but... 
2. remember I don't have to review every book! 
YES! I did both of these. Almost every book I read got logged on Goodreads and I "reviewed" many of them with just a line or two of my thoughts. Lots more books got only a star rating -- or occasionally nothing at all if I was too undecided.
YES! I demolished my goal for this challenge and loved so many of the books I read for it. I'd like to up my ratio of Newbery to Caldecott books in 2018 though. The Newberys I read in 2017 were some of my very favorite books of the year, so lets keep 'em coming!

4. Read a variety of picture books
YES! I read at least 1 book for each of the 102 categories in this challenge. Hopefully I can get a post together soon with some highlights!

5. Read poetry and short stories
YES! There is room for improvement, but I definitely read more poetry and short stories than I had in previous years.

6. Read classics
SORT OF. I read some classic children's novels (and bunches of classic picture books), but I didn't really get around to the classics I had in mind when I made this goal. 

7. Read at least five new-to-me authors (thanks Jade!)
YES! Lots more than five, actually.

8. Read (A LOT) more from my own shelves (#ShelfLove!)
Well.... I did do (slightly) better than in 2016, but there is a LOT of room for improvement. 

9. Read new books I buy during 2017 in a timely manner
SORT OF. I bought a lot of books in 2017. Book Outlet bargains and used books were a pretty large percentage of my purchases. I also frequented (that particular word is oh so appropriate here!) my local indie and various online book sites. I read a lot of these books, but there are still an embarrassing number of unread ones on my shelves. This is why there will be a book budget for 2018 -- more on that soon!

10. Use the library, but not as much as I have been (to help with #8)
I THINK SO? I feel like I had a better balance this year, but I didn't really keep track. Striking a good balance between library and purchased books continues to be a work in progress.

11. Implement a book buying ban for YA and adult titles (exceptions for books to be read right away)
MOSTLY. I bought relatively few YA and adult titles in 2017, but I definitely did not read every single one I did purchase. I more than made up for the decrease in YA and Adult with an increase in Middle Grade and Picture Books. That wasn't exactly the point of this goal, so here's another good reason for my new 2018 book budget!

12. Use my wishlist shelf on Goodreads as a sort of waiting period to discourage impulse purchases
SORT OF. I used my wishlist shelf, but it didn't curb my impulse purchases as much as I hoped it would. 

13. Spend less time researching, browsing, and shopping for books
NOPE. This is going on my 2018 list again for sure. And I need to remind myself of it any time I get sucked into a bookish internet black hole. I have found an awful lot of great books through my browsing and researching, but it really is not the best use of my time to do as much of it as I have been doing.

14. Better curate my bookish email subscriptions, newsletters, and blogroll
MOSTLY. This is also going back on my 2018 list since it's a continual work in progress. I'm much more careful than I used to be about curating my feeds, but the overwhelm can easily creep back into the various corners where I get my bookish news. When Feedly or email or Instagram, etc., etc. start feeling like a chore instead of an inspiration, I know it's time for another cull.

15. ENJOY reading and sharing books with my son
YES! This is really always the most important goal. I definitely did enjoy my own reading as well as reading with my son and I hope for lots more of that in the new year!

* * * * *

How did you do on your reading goals for 2017? Are you making any new ones for 2018? I'd love to know!


  1. Overall, it sounds like you did a great job meeting your goals! Reading books on my own shelves is something where I'd still like to improve next year too.

    1. Thank! Seems like that's a common bookworm goal every year! :)

  2. For the most part, it sounds like you've done pretty well with your reading goals over the past year. Enjoy the act of reading is the most important thing, I think. Wishing you the best bookish year in 2018!

    1. Thanks Jade! I always love to start of a fresh new year :)

  3. You had a lot of goals! The fact you made so much progress is awesome!

    1. Thanks! I think I'm making a few less for 2018 though -- that was a lot!

  4. You did such a great job! I am always falling into the bookish internet black hole. I can spend hours on goodreads messing with my shelves and finding new books to read and so much plotting! I may have to steal that goal of yours.

    1. Thanks Kay! It's crazy how that can happen, isn't it? I find I'm particularly susceptible when I am overtired or have trouble concentrating on other things. Steal away & I hope it helps -- we can do it!

  5. "Striking a good balance between library and purchased books continues to be a work in progress." Sounds like that should be a bookworm motto! :) Congrats on doing so well on your goals!

    1. Thanks Julie! It totally should be a bookworm motto -- as I glance over at all my library books :)


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