Sunday, June 5, 2016

April/May #ShelfLove Update

These days, time to do anything that requires me to be sitting still is at a premium. I've been itching to blog more, but it's getting harder to even find time to read anything that is not an audiobook (reading on the move!) or a picture book (though I seriously love those too!) My little guy recently started walking, sorry I mean running, so he's been keeping me busier than ever. Since I have some rare time for an update, I thought I'd do a little catch-up for the past two months...

April's discussion topic was Libraries. In short? I freaking love my library. They have story-times for "tiny tots" up through school age, plus all sorts of other fun programs. I can take out stacks of picture books so I don't get bored to tears of the same old stories over and over again. And let's be honest, at just over 1 year old, I am enjoying these books more than my son is! Thanks to my library, I have expanded my reading repertoire and branched out into comics/graphic novels and audiobooks. And though I still like to buy books, I've culled a lot and I am trying to be much more deliberate about what I choose to add to our collection. The library is always there for me to try a new author or genre on a whim or learn more about a certain topic (like how to feed a toddler...) without defaulting to making a purchase. I also met my book club at the library! We do our own thing now, but I am grateful to have met some great bookish friends though my library.

May's discussion topic was Literary Dream Trips. Well, I had the most amazing opportunity a few years ago to visit Scotland, aka home of JK Rowling and the setting of Outlander. I don't think I could top that if I tried, but I would love to visit other smaller/local literary sites (houses of authors, etc.) or events someday. And I would also really love to visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Massachusetts -- maybe when the little guy is a bit older.

As for my progress with the #ShelfLove challenge? In April and May, I read the following books that were on my shelves prior to 2016:

The Winner's Crime, by Marie Rutkoski (had print, but switched to audio)
Drums of Autumn, by Diana Gabaldon (re-read; mostly on audio this time around)

April/May TOTAL: 2 books read from my shelves
2016 TOTAL: 19 books read from my shelves

It seems I read mostly from the library in April and May. See, I told you I love my library! But as we approach the halfway mark of 2016, I think it's a good time to reexamine my shelves and prioritize some books I've been meaning to get to for ages. Wish me luck!

* * * * *

How has your 2016 reading been going?


  1. Aren't libraries awesome. I spent hours there as a child, and took my kids to their programs.

  2. Hey even 19 books total from your shelves is awesome! And yay for library time. I love getting library books :)

    1. It is good progress! I always hope to accomplish even more, but every little bit counts :)

  3. Libraries are so enticing, aren't they? I thought that now would be a good time to read a lot of my own books - surely it would be hard to visit the library with a little baby. Not so much. I'm still reading a lot more library books than ones I own! :)

    1. I actually found it easier to take my little guy to the library during his earlier, sleepier months. Now he's just into everything and very vocal... I still take him, it's just a bit more challenging at this age than I thought it would be!

  4. This whole post must made me smile. :D


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