Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Update #2 / Wrap-Up

As I mentioned in my first update, the beginning days of Bout of Books were very busy and that did not change as the week went on. All things considered, I'm still happy with how the week went, but if I had known in advance how hectic life would be, I honestly would not have joined up this time -- oh well! I still got some reading in and participated in two fun challenges:

Thursday-Sunday Progress
Finished The Omnivore's Dilemma audiobook (last 40%)
Started Cooked audiobook (5% or so)
Started The Painted Girls for book club
75 print pages read

Book Chain Challenge completed:

Recreate a Book Cover Challenge completed:

I feel like I cheated a bit by choosing such an easy cover with books on it, but it was still fun! And for the record, the books I chose are not my personal "ideal bookshelf," just ones I thought were visually similar to the original -- and even though the color is all wrong, I had to use one of my own clothbound classics for the yellow clothbound in the original illustration :) 

Cumulative progress for the week:
Finished 1 print book + 1 audiobook
Started 2 print books + 1 audiobook
Read 232 print pages
Listened to audiobooks for approx. 8 hrs. 45 minutes 

Looking at the number of hours instead of just my percentage of progress on the audiobooks makes me realize I fit in a lot more reading time than I thought I did! It definitely helped that the weather was cooler so I wasn't swimming as much for exercise and going for walks instead (in addition to my usual listening while cooking and doing chores.) My goals for the week may have been a bit too ambitious (3 books? really, Christine?!), but the read-a-thon was still a success. Hope everyone had a great week, Bout-of-Books or not :)


  1. Great job Christine! I love your Book Chain. I have Shadow of Night in my TBR pile. One day!!! :)

    1. Thanks Alysia! That challenge was harder than I thought it would be, but my shelves didn't fail me :) I need to get to it one of these days too!

  2. It looks like you had just as much fun as me recreating a book cover! I love it! I think the hardest challenge for me was that Book Chain challenge. I struggled.

    Things happen and even though you didn't get to read as much I'm glad you still have fun with the challenges and Bout of Books. One time when I singed up the same thing happened to me and I really didn't get as much reading done as I wanted. This time I was lucky and actually finished all of my goals, which has never happened before. lol

    1. It was fun! And the book chain challenge was a lot harder than it looks -- I pored over my shelves looking for ideas and kept hitting dead ends!

      That is awesome that you reached your goals this time! It's just funny how the timing of things work out sometimes :)


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