Thursday, November 14, 2013

This made my day!

A few months back, I was reading one of my best friend's book reviews on GoodReads and we had a conversation that started like this:
Me: By the way, after reading this review, I think you have a book blogger in there somewhere...can't honestly say I recommend it, as it takes a stupid amount of time to really keep up with, but you'd be good at it...just saying :)

Best Friend: haha, I've been debating putting together a blog, but I feel like I wouldn't keep up with it as much as I should. Also, I'd change what topic I want to talk about every week. "Let's talk books... no wine... no food... no..."
Well, I just found out yesterday that she decided to go for it! I've been swapping books with this chica since we were 6 years old, so I'm really, really excited by this news. (OK, maybe we weren't so into books quite that young, but you get the idea.) I know I've been envious of how fast this girl can read practically since we learned how to read. 

If you've ever read any of my posts in which I refer to "my best friend" (like this one), this is the girl -- so I am definitely biased, but I think you should go check her out! In addition to books, she writes about other fun stuff like recipes and things to do in NYC:

 photo Capture2_zpsba1395a3.jpg

And just 'cause I can, why not end with a Throwback Thursday picture? I said we liked books back then, I never said we were fashionable!


  1. I'm blushing. Thanks babe. :-)

    And as I always say when this picture shows up: at least your fanny pack matched your outfit! My shoes & socks? Why did my mother let me leave the house like that? (Never mind, I was a stubborn pain in the butt even back then.)

    1. Aww, you're welcome :)

      And while this is all true, it was still a FANNY PACK! We both know my mother let me leave the house wearing it because she is nothing if not practical (love her dearly)!

  2. I will check her blog out! Oh and I'm loving that photo! hahah


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