Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where to begin?

# of books READ - 0
# of books REMOVED - 0
# of books TO READ - 230


230 is a huge number.  I can't believe I really have that many unread books in my "library," as my husband likes to call it.  I confess I am a book addict.  I have more than enough choices at home and yet I cannot resist the lure of a bookstore.  Used bookstores, online bookstores, chain bookstores, independent bookstores - I love them all.  I love discovering new titles and new authors.  Best of all, I love diving into a fabulous book - the kind of book that makes me wish I could just stay home and read all day. And also the kind of book I wish I could prolong indefinitely because I just can't bear for it to be over.  I do have a sweet spot for series; these types of books delay the inevitable END at least for a little while longer.

The idea of this blog is to share my experiences as I read my way through my rather large collection of books that are threatening to topple my bookcases at any moment. Since the beginning of 2011, I have so far read 13 new books. My goal is to continue reading through all the NEW books on my shelves.  You see, when I can't decide what type of book I want to read next, I usually revert to re-reading something that I already love.  As fun as that can be, I believe I am missing out on all the other books I have acquired over the years.  After all, I picked up each of these books because they sounded great.

My plan is to share my thoughts on each book after I read it and keep track of the total number of books I have left to read on my shelf.  Now, I also know that I will inevitably buy more books (though I am trying to cut back) and with each entry I will keep track of new additions and adjust my total TO READ number.  I also occasionally weed through my collection and sell/donate/give away books that I discover no longer appeal to me.  Again my total TO READ number will be adjusted.  My goal is not to punish myself, but to thoroughly enjoy myself

I will also post entries about my favorite books I have read over the years.  After all, a girl can only read so fast and I do love to share a great find.  Happy reading!

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